Sunday, January 10, 2010

I have a good amount of follicles

Today I went for blood work and ultrasound. I am CD 8. The nurse just called. I have a good amount of follicles. My estrogen is 420. She said everything looks good. I have to decrease Gonal-f and stay on the Lupron and Repronex. I have to go back in in two days for another blood work and ultrasound. She says I might be doing the retrieval at the end of the week!
The only side effects I am feeling is my stomach is bloated and I have pains where I injected the Repronex. She said that it irritating to the skin.
She also said that at this point I shouldn't workout. They don't want me bursting a follicle.

So I am resting today and just hope my body continues to respond how its been responding.

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Shanny said...

Yay, its becoming more and more exciting!!!! Looking forward to reading how your follicles are progressing in 2 days =)