Thursday, February 26, 2009

We now have a plan.

We had a great appointment at the Reproductive Science Center. My husband and I went yesterday. As we were sitting in the waiting room thoughts were just in my mind. Looking at 3 couples in the waiting room, I thought to myself, I am not alone. Alot of couples are having a hard time getting pregnant too.
We met our doctor. We went though our history and talked about my losses. She said unfortunately because of health insurance no treatments can be done yet. Like IUI, IVF, etc. I have to wait a year from my last miscarriage. In June. That's three months. That seems like eternity to me. The health insurance say that I had been successful getting pregnant twice. Yes very successful. A year later and still no baby in my arms.
The doctor did say that we could do testing to see why I actually miscarried. She is a reproductive endocrinologist and OB-GYN and her clinical interests include recurrent loss. So I feel very good that she is our doctor. I did have that testing but she would like to do more things. She put me on baby aspirins. One a day. She said it can't hurt and if I do have clotting issues this will help. I am also going to have a Hystercopy, which will look inside my uterus to make sure there is no scarring and anything else in my uterus that shouldn't be. I am very happy about this. I just want to put my mind at ease. I have a deep gut feeling that this is the reason I have not been successful getting pregnant since my last miscarriage. I have always said that it is very strange and too coincidental that I got pregnant twice right away and now after the d&c its been 9 months and no luck.
So we just have to wait for this next cycle to come and then we will start testing. I will have an ultrasound so they can see my eggs, etc.
I am just very happy that there is a plan in place. I long longer have to just "wait and see".
I have some hope that we will get some help and have success.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our next step

I am looking forward to tomorrow. My husband and I are going to the Reproductive Science Center. This is our next step. Its been a year this month that we have been trying to conceive. My ob/gyn said OK enough is enough, you need to see someone. I will be seeing a reproductive endocrinologist there. I sent over all my paperwork from my previous ob/gyn. I felt good that they wanted my medical records one week before my appointment so the doctor could look at them first. That made me feel good. They can test me and get to the bottom to why I am now having a hard time getting pregnant. I heard alot of good things about this place and I heard alot of couple having success going here. I hope we are one of those couples soon.