Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The 2 most perfect embryos

Yesterday I had the transfer. We woke up very early and left the house 2 hours before the appointment because it was snowing and we didn't want to get stuck. We made it in an hour and went to Starbucks to hang out for a while. You have to have a full bladder when the transfer is done. I think my bladder is the size of a pea because it doesn't take long to feel like I have to pee.
So we went to the clinic and I was very nervous for some reason. The doctor came in and explained that we only had 2 embryos left. The other two don't look good at all and are breaking down.
He asked if I wanted one in or two and we decided on two. In my mind I am thinking, well if I miscarry one I have another chance with the other. My mind thinking. I didn't say this out loud.

The embryo transfer procedure seems very similar to a Pap smear. There should be no pain involved and no sedation or other drugs are required. They use a moderately full bladder for embryo transfer. This helps in 2 important ways. It allows good ultrasound visualization of the catheter which helps with smooth and proper transfer of the embryos to the best location, and it also unfolds the (anteverted, "tipped up") uterus to a more accommodating angle which makes the process easier and less traumatic for both the endometrial lining and the embryos.

The embryo transfer catheter is loaded with the embryos and the physician passes it through the cervical opening up to the middle of the uterine cavity. Abdominal ultrasound is used simultaneously to watch the catheter tip advance to the proper location. It is sometimes difficult to keep the tip of the catheter in the exact plane of the ultrasound beam at all times - but it is very important to control the proper placement of the embryos. When the catheter tip reaches the ideal location, the embryos are then "transferred" (squirted out of the catheter) to the lining of the uterine cavity. After the embryos are transferred, the catheter is slowly withdrawn and checked under a microscope for any retained embryos. If any embryo is retained in the catheter (uncommon) the transfer procedure is repeated immediately and the catheter is checked again for a retained embryo.

While he was doing this I said, "well I hope they are mine." I don't think the doctor thought it was funny. He said, "what a thing to say. We have two people there at all times when they handle your embryos." I said," I am just kidding I am just nervous. I have faith in you guys" oops!
So that was it. I stayed there lying down for 10 minutes and when we went in the car I put the seat all the way back and listened to my relaxation CD.

The relaxation CD was given to me by a friend who also went through IVF. Its called, Imagery and Meditations to support In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
All new updated version based on customer requests! New music for each track - new scripts for each track - and a brand new track just for the time between Retrieval and Transfer
The imagery contained within this recording is structured to complement an in Vitro Fertilization cycle. The recording contains specific tracks for use prior to retrieval, post-transfer, and post-implantation. The imagery makes use of the body-mind connection to help augment your body's natural abilities at each stage of your cycle as well as providing a long-term sense of peace, control and confidence.

Here is where you can purchase it.
Under, Infertility Meditation Cd's on the right hand side.

I plan on listening to the CD every day and night to support me in the 2 week wait. For the next couple of days my instructions are to be a couch potato, which is hard for me, but I know its is the best thing I can do for my little embryos.
So I have to wait till the 30th to get my betas. I am wishing and praying all goes well.


Mamabear7 said...

Good luck! I'm hoping those two little embryos are rock stars!

Jen J. said...

GL....hoping for positive news in about 2 weeks!!

Shanny said...

Good luck =)