Thursday, February 17, 2011

Its been a while and some advice of products for moms to be.

Well its been a while. I have been busy being a mom to my amazing baby boy. He is truly a gift and I love being a mom more that I ever imagined. He is such a great baby. I am back to work but only for 3 days a week.

I thought I would list the things I really use to help moms to be choose products and also things that I thought were a waste. Also, I did alot of research when I was picking these products. I read Baby Bargains and Consumer Reports, both books I highly recommend getting.

First off, please don't stress out to get the nursery done. If you don't have it done, don't worry about it. Your baby is not going to know that his/her bedroom isn't completed. Plus the baby is in the bassinet in your room in the beginning. Our furniture was being delivered when I was in labor! I had a changing table which I highly recommend (Sorelle Nikki Changing table) and a bassinet (Badger) so I was not to worried. I love having a changing table instead of using the bureau because I don't have to bend to change the baby. The changing table is higher than the bureau. Also, it has open shelves to I just grab what I need.
We didn't know what I was having, so I had a girl bedding and a boy bedding picked out. We painted the nursery Garland Green from Benjamin Moore. I ended up getting the Jungle Friends Nursery bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. I then put blue accents in the nursery. It came out great. I love the bedding. Great quality. I would highly recommend them for bedding.
Our furniture is Munire Bristoll: I got this furniture in white. I would recommend the furniture,but not in white. I guess because of the heat wood expands, then the paint cracks because they use paint that is safe for the baby. It shows up more in white furniture. If I had known this I would of purchased the cherry color.

Speaking of changing the diaper, I love Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer. I heard people say this was a waste, but I really like it. Those wipes can be very cold on baby's bottom.

Diaper Genie Elite: A must! Those diapers can get smelly!

Boppy Infant Feeding Pillow-Heirloom Luxe Lamb: To be honest I don't use this anymore. I found it helpful in the beginning when I was learning to breastfeed. Also it has pockets and I used to put his pacifier and burp cloth in it. I plan on taking this out so he can sit against it.

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing: My son loved this! He took many naps in this when he was a newborn. I would recommend getting this.

Tiny Love Gymini: Super Deluxe Lights & Music Play Mat: This is a must! My son loves this so much. He just goes crazy when I put him down on this mat. Also, there is a mirror and he loves to look at himself.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Happy Giraffe Bouncer: A total must! He loves it! This is such a life saver. I put him in it when I take a shower and put him in the bathroom with me. I also put him in it in the kitchen to make dinner or eat. I also put him in when I put an Einstein DVD on for him. He just loves it.

Baby Einstein Discovery Center: I just put him in this. He loves it so far. I have 6 nieces and 2 nephews and they all loved this. A must get!

Fisher-Price Aquarium Bath Center: I love this bath! It has a newborn sling which is great. I did however get a thermometer which was really a waste because the bathtub has a thermometer on it that has a smiley face when the water is just right and a sad face if its too cold or hot.

Skip Hop Duo Double Deluxe Diaper Bag: Ok so this bag is for if you have twins but I love it. My sister in law has the single one and its just so small! Now she has two kids and she cant fit anything in it. I have plenty of room in this bag.

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Seat: I love this car seat. My son seems to love it too. Every time I put him in it and in the car he falls asleep.

UppaBaby Vista Jake Stoller: Can I tell you this is the best stroller! In the beginning I had it in my house and used the bassinet part of it and wheeled him around the house when he was a newborn. He loved it. Now I always have it in my trunk and got the car seat adapter for it. I was going to get the snap and go but when I went to go see it I thought it was very flimsy. I just put the car seat in the adapter and go!

Kolcraft Jeep Liberty Stroller: This is what I use when I walk outside. In the beginning when he was first born, I would put him in his car seat and put the car seat in the stroller. No adapter needed. It rides great and its not too expensive.

JJ Cole Infant Bundle Me: Best invention ever made. My son is so nice and warm in there. No need for heavy sweaters or jackets. I just put him in there and he is nice and warm.

Breast pump-Medela Pump in Style: I strongly suggest you not purchase this before the baby is born. Here is my story. I didn't have alot of milk in the beginning. The baby was not gaining as much as he should. My baby would suck and then fall asleep. The pediatrician said I needed to pump to make more milk and then give the baby a bottle twice a day. I got a prescription for the breast pump. My insurance covered it. I have a cousin who did not have milk and she couldn't breastfeed. My point is, you don't know what will happen. Breast pumps are very expensive. Just wait and see if one, breast feeding is for you, you are able to do it, or your pediatrician might be able to write you out a prescription if you need it.

Baby Bjorn Carrier: Total waste in my opinion. My son does not like it and I just don't use it. I know many people that do but he never took to it and frankly I rather just hold him.

Swaddlers: I got about 5 swaddlers. People told me they were a must. My son was in them for 2 nights. He hated to be swaddled. He kicked himself out of them. He loves to have his arms free. He touches his head and face. It soothes him. (He always did that even in utero). Some babies don't like to be swaddled. He slept great. I would suggest maybe getting one to try it out.

I hope this helps you out. Please feel free to email me with any questions.