Sunday, August 2, 2009

We need some prayers

Yesterday when I was working out I got this very bad pain on my right side. I had to stop. I called the RE nurse and she said that she didn't do ultrasounds on the weekend and ifs bad go to the ER. Well it was. I went to the ER. They gave me an ultrasound and they only saw a sac in the uterus and I measured a week behind. they saw no fetal pole. I had something on my right side. they said it could me ectopic or a cyst. My HCG levels were 3750 or so. I became very tearful when the ER doctor thought that maybe I was miscarring. She said the OB/GYN is coming in and he told me not to touch you.
So the doctor came in. OMG he was the nicest man. He looked like Bill Cosby. He said that he thought that I have a cyst on my right side and when I worked out I aggravated it. He said by the way... why are you working out. He said I wouldn't have one of my patients workout that has had fertility drugs. He said you worked so hard to get pregnant why do anything to possibly harm it. He was an old school Doctor. My levels are fine and he said but the IUI was 4 weeks ago... that would be right. I said but I thought they go my LMP. He said not always. He said but I still cant rule out ectopic. I need some more blood work to go on. Because my last blood draw before this was 2 weeks ago at 686. He said that he wanted to have me stay in the hospital for observation and because my ob/gyn was in another hospital they were transferring me. He gave me hope. He said he thought we need to wait this out. He thinks I am early and that we might see something in a week or so on the ultrasound. He said that we need to have hope and patience.
So I went to the other hospital. I couldn't eat all day because I might have surgery. I had another ultrasound and blood work. That tech saw no cyst but some fluid in my uterus and the HCG went up to 4080. So they think the cyst ruptured and they want to monitor me with blood work today and then every other day. They let me go home and I am home now. I came home last night.
I am very scared. I have an ultrasound on Tuesday still with the RE.
I just need some prayers that the ruptured cyst doesn't cause any problems and that my numbers rise and we see something Tuesday to give us more hope.
I am taking my ticker down for now. I just don't know where we stand or how far along I am.


Annie Marie said...

Hugs & prayers that everything is alright.

Mrs.Andreazza said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you completely. Just said a little prayer for you here at my desk. Hang in there hun ((((hugs))))