Monday, August 17, 2009

A second opinion

My brother emailed me and said please go to Brigham and Womans. So I called a Maternal-Fetal Doctor at Brigham's. The nurse there was super nice and talked with me for about 15 minutes. She said I should see a Reproductive Endocrinologist which I do now but she said I should go to the Fertility clinic there. She said the maternal fetal doctor is for someone who has late losses, incomplete cervix, etc. She said it sounds more to me like the progesterone is the problem. I asked her if its possible that if my chromosomes are fine and my husbands are, when you put them together could they not be OK? She said no. If there is nothing wrong with both ours then it should be fine. So I felt a little better about that.

So I called over to the Fertility Clinic there and I have appointment on Sept 2nd. I just need a second opinion. Her name is Dr. Elena Yanushpolsky and she is the Director of Reproductive Surgery.

I am keeping my appointment with my RE I have now on September 4th. I guess I will pick who has the better plan for me and sounds like they know what to do. So I will make my decision after I see them both who I want to stick with.

Then when I get pregnant I will go to a high risk OB/GYN. I might go to Brigham's for that too.

I just really need some answers. I can't except someone telling me it just happens sometimes. There has to be some reasons and I am determined on getting to the bottom of it.


Shanny said...

Glad that you are taking matters into your hands, as much as you can anyway, and really fighting for it! I hope that at least one of them can really give you an answer to your prayers ((hugs))

Katie Jo said...

I hear ya on "it just happens" ahhhhh.....NO IT DOESN"T JUST HAPPEN" I hope you get some answers and glad your getting a second opinion!!!