Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My numbers are rising and some updates!

I have been getting blood tests to test the HCG. When I first tested with a home pregnancy test and got a positive I called my RE. I was supposed to come in for blood work on a Thursday but she said I could come in on the Wednesday instead. A day sooner was good enough for me. So at 13 days past the IUI I went in for the blood work. The nurse calls back that afternoon. My HSG was 51.8 and my progesterone was 10.8. She said the progesterone was a little low. They like to see it in the teens. She advised me to take more progesterone. Instead of once a day I am now on 200 mg three times a day (600mg).
She wanted me in on Friday, at 15 days past IUI. My HCG went to 136 and progesterone was 15. I was happy the numbers went up.
My last test was on Tuesday which was 19 days past IUI, the number soared to 686 and the progesterone is at 14.7.
The nurse called me on Tuesday and said all looked good so far. I have an ultrasound scheduled for August 4th and then I meet with the nurse practitioner. If all looks great with that then they release me to my OB/GYN. I can’t wait to go see him. I really like him a lot. He said he would also watch me more closely and give me a lot of blood tests and ultrasounds to make sure my HCG is rising.

I am a little scared that for 2 weeks I wont be monitored. I have to be honest, I am so happy I am pregnant but a big part of me so very scared. I am expecting to go to the bathroom and see blood. I know I should think positive and I am trying to but it’s so hard.
Then I have it at the back of my mind what happened last time. I went for almost 12 weeks thinking all was great and baby was great when it died at 6 weeks. That is still in my mind and I am so afraid that will happen again.
I also decided to stop teaching spinning. It was kind of a no brainier. My husband begged me to stop. I also felt that that was not what I needed to do right now. I was reading that if you have had miscarriages before you should not do strenuous exercise. That stuck in my mind. So for now I am just walking, lifting light weights, and I want to start doing a prenatal yoga DVD I have. To be honest I only have the energy to just walk on my lunch hour. I say when I get home I will lift weights and do a prenatal yoga DVD. I have just been exhausted and I am usually in bed by 7 pm.

Speaking of symptoms my major ones are starving if I don’t eat every 3 to 4 hours. I wake up in the morning famished. Exhaustion is the huge one. I can sleep all day if I could. I also get vivid dreams at night. I don’t know why this is one of my major symptoms. When I get them I know I am pregnant. Maybe its because I am in such a deep sleep. Lastly, bloat! I am so bloated. After I eat my belly swells up!

I am taking one day at time. That’s all I can do. I can't think about the months ahead. I can't get excited that I will be a mom in March. I can only think about today. I am doing all I can to keep this baby safe. I am eating right and getting enough rest. I am listening to my body more. When I am tired I go to sleep, when I am too tired to workout I don’t. Today I am pregnant and love my baby is my motto. I pray every night that all will be OK with this baby. This is the miracle we wished for and prayed for, for so long.

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