Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some book reviews

I am reading the Stepmother by Carrie Adams. She also wrote The Godmother, which I review before and loved. So I am reading the Stepmother now. It’s a sequel to the Godmother, so I suggest you read the Godmother first. It’s so witty, funny and such an enjoyable book to read. I am breezing through it. I find myself laughing out loud!

I am currently listening to Shopaholic takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella. I am planning on listening to the whole shopaholic series. I realize I am a little behind; these books have been out for a while. When they refer to the year its 2000. Yeah, so I am 9 years behind, but I am really enjoying them. They also crack me up on the way to work.
I really enjoyed all of Sophie Kinsella’s books. Remember me and Undomestic Goddess to name a few.

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