Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some few tweaks might help

I had my pre op appointment yesterday. My doctor said she was very surprised at what she found when she did the surgery. She was surprised there was no septum. She was glad she did it though because she was able to clear up the scarring.
She went over what she found with the testing I had done last month. She said there where a couple of things that were found and she thinks if we try to tweak some things it might help me have a successful pregnancy. These things wont hurt me and can only help. Unfortunately, I don’t think we will ever know why I lost two pregnancies. I am happy that she is aggressive in the treatment. Because of my lovely health insurance I can't have any treatments like IUI or IVF until June. That will make it a year since my second miscarriage. So for the next couple of months we will try on our own with these few changes.
She said I have a MTHFR mutation, which is one abnormal gene. She said my body is producing enough folic acid but to be sure she wants me to take 4 mg of folic acid daily along with my PNV’s. She wants me to keep on taking the baby aspirin and she also wants me to on progesterone. I will take progesterone injections after ovulation for 2 weeks. If I am not pregnant I will stop taking them, if I am pregnant I will continue with the progesterone for about 10 weeks of my pregnancy.
She also said that I ovulate early sometimes. So she wants me to use the OPK and start on day 8 because with the last ultrasound I was surging at day 10.
So that’s where we stand right now. I feel very good about me getting pregnant and having a successful pregnancy. I feel confident that with making these changes it will help me. They certainly wont hurt me. I can’t help but think what a long journey it has been so far. I am staying positive and I truly believe it has only made me stronger. I think that whatever life throws at me I can handle it. I also believe this will also make me a better mother. I hope these few changes work. I am praying that we will be blessed with a baby.


Katie Jo said...

I hope they work too! We all want our babies

Shanny said...

Wow you've had a very very long journey but I'm glad that your doctor is so proactive and helpful. Good luck =)

Andrea and Jim said...

Glad to hear you have another game plan. Sounds like you got a good doctor working with you. GL!!!