Monday, December 7, 2009

Tick tock

I have learned the power of patience through all this. I am now waiting for Aunt Flo to come so I can start my IVF cycle. I was giving estrogen after the surgery to build up the lining in the uterus and then they gave me progestin to bring my menstrual cycle on, but still nothing. I sometimes think my body is on strike and just refuses to cooperate. I thought it would come first week of December, I would be put on birth control pills for 21 days to shrink my cysts and make sure no new ones form and then in January I will get the IVF. Now it looks like its we are going to be delayed a bit.

My insurance didn't approve the PGD testing. I went to see my doctor and he suggested I didn't do it. He said if you my kids I would tell you not to waste your money. So we decided to just do the IVF. I am hoping my problem was my septum and since that's gone I should be good to go.

I just want to get this process moving. I can't wait to start the new year. I am ready to put 2009 behind me.

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Shanny said...

I wish you all the luck with IVF, I'm about to start the same journey and I find it so scary and overwhelming!
Glad you are doing all you can to move forward =)