Monday, December 28, 2009

The Lupron Fog

I started Lupron, also known as Leuprolide. Leuprolide is a man-made form of a hormone that regulates many processes in the body. Leuprolide overstimulates the body's own production of certain hormones, which causes that production to shut down temporarily. They want to stop ovulation for January's cycle, which is the IVF cycle.I started it yesterday. My husband was there and kind of gave me support. He is not good with needles, so I did that, but he was there, which was nice. You have to put the medication in a syringe and inject it 2 inches from your belly button. It didn't hurt at all. Today I felt like a pro doing it. I have to take 10 units every morning. Yesterday I was just very exhausted. I think I had to get used to it. I just slept and felt kind of drugged. I felt like I was in a fog all day. Today I feel much better. I am still tired and have a headache, but nothing I can't handle. I don't want to complain because its all for a good cause. Here are some side effects you get with Lupron.

The side effects are:
Acne, increased growth of facial hair
Dizziness, weakness, tired feeling
Hot flashes, night sweats, chills, clammy skin
Nausea, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain
Skin redness, itching, or scaling
Joint or muscle pain
Vaginal itching or discharge
Breast swelling or tenderness
Impotence, loss of interest in sex
Depression, sleep problems (insomnia), memory problems
Redness, burning, itching, or swelling where the shot was given

I am one step closer to being a mom. I can see some light the end of the road and its getting brighter and brighter. I can't wait for this fog to lift. I am almost there...

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Shanny said...

I don't know if I feel relieved or scared about lupron... I'm on bcp now and starting Lupron on Monday...
Glad to read you feel like a pro at it and that it doesnt hurt, but the side effects? Yikes!
And yes you are almost there, praying for you!