Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Beginning

Hello and welcome to my blog. This is my very first entry. I decided to start a blog because since my wedding there as been so many things that happened to me and my husband.
I will start from the beginning.
My husband and I met online on almost 3 years ago. After going out with more jerks than I can count on both my hands he emailed me. After emailing a couple of times back and forth I mentioned how I just lost my grandfather 20 days before. He was so sweet and he said how sorry he was and how he understood how I felt. He also was very close to his grandmother. She also lived with his family like my grandparents did. I was very excited that we had so much in common. That night we talked for a couple of hours. We talked about everything. We set up our first date for the following night. It just so happened that our first kiss was on my grandparents anniversary. I like to think my grandfather sent him to me.
I felt so relaxed with him and let him pick me up at my house. We went into Boston and the rest is history. Nine month later we were engaged and eleven month later we were married.
Our wedding was so magical and I have to say was the best day of my life. It went by way to fast. I have never been so happy.

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