Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some good advice

I have been seeing a therapist for a little while now. I now only see her once a month. She has helped me tremendously with dealing with the losses, my eating disorder and fears I have with getting pregnant again. Last time we met she said "please email me when you hit milestones before our next meeting."
Yesterday I emailed her after seeing the heartbeat. I want to share her response with you.
She said:

"You made it through a very tough experience, but the important part is that you overcame a milestone. Remind yourself to stay present as much as possible and catch the negative thoughts before you buy into them. Stay focused on the facts versus the fears because these are the things you can control."

How true is that? I did overcome a huge milestone and I need to stay in the here and now. Today I am pregnant. I can't have the negative thoughts enter me. Like, "I am going to miscarry, this wont work, history will repeat itself". Those thoughts are not healthy to feel. If you constantly think negative thoughts, after a while you start to believe them.
I will focus on the facts which are these.

I saw my baby's heartbeat.

There is a baby inside me alive.

I made it past 6 weeks.

Once your baby has a heartbeat,usually visible on ultrasound at around 6 weeks,your odds of having a miscarriage drop significantly.

For women with no vaginal bleeding, most estimates suggest that the odds or having a miscarriage after seeing a heartbeat are about 4%.

The uterine septum is out.

I am on progesterone injections and estrogen which I never was on before.

I am being monitored every week.

I am not exercising at all this time.

I am using relaxation and imagery techniques every night.

I am working with a nutritionist and I am eating very well this pregnancy.

This pregnancy was conceived through IVF. They picked the best looking egg and only the best looking embryo was used.

That's what we all need to do. Lets focus on the facts. Lets not buy into our fears.

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