Monday, December 8, 2008

Two great books

I thought I would share some great books I am currently reading and hearing. Yes I said hearing! I love to read. I used to buy book but it got to be silly to have all these books and I only read them once. When I got married I moved to Andover,MA. They have a great library. I have an account and I just request books and they email me when the books come in. If that library doesn't have it they get it from another library. I really love this library and I have not switched yet since the move to my new house. SHH don't tell anyone...

I gave in and requested Twilight from the library. As I was there to pick it up. I skimmed through some books on cd. I now have an hour commute to work now and I thought it would be perfect to make the time pass by more quickly. I love music and I am always listening to it, but during my hour ride in the morning to work and home at night its so nice to escape in another world of a book. I am enjoying both Twilight, the book I am reading and The Beach House, the book I am listening to. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, I decided to read when my husbands cousin said she loved the series and then with the movie out I thought I would give it a try. I think its so fun to read books that are movies. I always read the book first and then see the movie to see what they kept in, what they took out,etc. I always seem to think the book is always better. So I am almost done with Twilight. Its nothing I am used to reading. Especially since the character is in high school and is in love with a vampire. Its a good read and so different. I recommend anyone to read it. You will enjoy it too.

The book I am listening to is The Beach House by Jane Green. I am enjoying this one immensely too. It takes place in Nantucket, MA. Its fun to hear the author talk about Boston, New York, and the Cape. I find myself excited to get in my car and drive to work so I am hear whats happening with the book. My husband and I went to Moghegan Sun on Saturday for a concert. Its a 2 hour drive for us. I put the book on and he was actually getting into it too. I did the driving coming home and thank god I had that to keep me company. My husband was fast asleep.

So if you have a long commute I suggest you try a book on cd. It really helps the commute.

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