Tuesday, June 5, 2012

4th Miscarriage

I took a test on Saturday, it was positive. I was so happy but cautious. Sunday I went for my first beta and they called to tell me my numbers were very low. Only a 22.  Today I went for the second beta and it was a 10.  The doctor called to tell me that it was an early miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy.  I am to stop taking progesterone and estrace and I will start to bleed.

A chemical pregnancy is the clinical term used for a very early miscarriage. In many cases, the positive pregnancy test was achieved before the woman’s period was due but a miscarriage occurred before a heartbeat was able to be seen on an ultrasound.

Chemical pregnancies are unfortunately very common. 50 to 60% of first pregnancies end in miscarriage very early in pregnancy. Most occur without the woman even knowing that she was pregnant.

What Causes a Chemical Pregnancy?

Most chemical pregnancies are due to chromosomal problems in the developing fetus. Other possible causes are inadequate uterine lining, uterine abnormalities both congenital or acquired like fibroids, low hormone levels, luteal phase defect or certain infections.

So my next step is to make an appointment with my RE and prepare for my FET cycle, maybe in a month or two.

Good news is I guess they implanted.  Hopefully, the frozen embryos are the superstars!

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