Friday, May 25, 2012

Now we wait...

We went on Tuesday morning for the transfer. We had 4 embryos left. All grade A! The RE said this time they look better than last time. I only had one grade A last time. They picked the best 2 and transferred them in me. My RE said with my history and age he suggested I put two in. Same as last time. They will tell me if the others are OK to freeze in a few week.
It was definitely harder to rest for two days like they wanted me too. Last time I didn't have a little one to take care of so I was a coach potato for two days. This time I tried but Luca wanted him Mommy.  Crazy, I think he knew something was up.

I know Luca will make an incredible big brother. He is so sweet with his baby cousin. He kisses her and does "nice" and pats her. He is such a sweet little boy.  He says everything. The night before the transfer I was in the chair in his room reading and singing to him.  This was our conversation.

Luca, do you want a baby sister? he said, ya!

Do you want a baby brother? he said, Ya!

Do you want both a sister and brother? he said, Ya!

He either says Ya! or No! when I ask him questions. Hopefully we can give him a little buddy soon!

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