Wednesday, May 9, 2012

IVF for number 2!

So here we are again. I have started my first IVF cycle to give Luca a little brother or sister. I had a goal set up in my mind to try on our own until I was 37.
They had me do Lupron and no birth control this time. My RE feels it suppressed me.  Today I went for day 2 bloodwork and ultrasound. I will be starting the meds tonight.
I will be blogging again as I go through this IVF process. To help others who are going through it.

I have to say the second time around is a little tougher. Not with the medications.  I wasn't overwhelmed this time.  Had no problem giving myself the shots. Sadly, it seems like an old habit.
Its a little tougher because of the little one.  My clinics hours are 6am to 7:45 am for bloodwork and ultrasounds. With IVF you have to be monitored alot.  I live about 45 minutes from the clinic so I have been staying at my parents when I need to go to the clinic the next day, so they can watch him.

All in all, its been going well.  Last time Lupron gave me massive headaches. This time it wasn't as bad. 

I will post keep you all posted.

For those going through the infertility journey, stay strong. 

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