Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another hurdle

I wonder how many hurdles I have to have to go through in my life. I recently changed doctors. I am at a new Fertility Clinic. I am in the evaluation cycle. The new doctor wanted to do alot of the tests that I already had done before again. Because I had a loss after all the testing he wanted to redo things to see if they missed something. He also felt better that he would be doing the tests. One of the test I had to do over was an Office hysteroscopy. You can look back in my blog to see what happened but to brief, I had it in March, the doctor that did it found that I had a uterine septum. I had surgery in April to fix it but when the doctor went in she said it wasn't a septum it was just a heart shaped uterus and left it alone.

The new doctor wanted to do another hysteroscopy to look at the septum again and because I had another loss he wanted to see in the uterus to see if anything was there from the 3rd pregnancy.

Today I had the procedure. The doctor came in and did the hysteroscopy. It wasn't my doctor who did it because my doctor is on vacation but he said that he read up on all that was happening to me. He saw the septum right away. I in fact have a septum. I explained to him what happened. The doctor said nope its definitely a septum. It is a centimeter. I clearly see it on here. If you get pregnant and it lands on it you will miscarry. A uterine septum has no blood supply. So if an embryo attaches on it, it wont survive. I also have placenta still in there from my last miscarriage that needs to come out. He said if you got pregnant and it lands on it, you would miscarry again.

He can't say for sure if the placenta is from my second miscarriage or this past one. I am hoping its from my last one. I had a d&c with my second and if they missed that, that wouldn't be good.

So I have to have surgery on Nov 4th. He will fix the septum and take the placenta out.
He was very nice. He said you have been through so much. Its time to fix this. He said I don't know who did the surgery last time but I have to do some research on her. He was kind of pissed that a doctor would do that. He clearly sees I have a septum.

So I wont be getting pregnant again for about another couple of months.

I am just very sad that it could of been fixed in April when I had the surgery and maybe prevented the last miscarriage. I think of all the time that has past. My last miscarriage could of been prevented.

I think of this being another hurdle I need to overcome. I have been think of this a positive, not a negative. I am one step closer on having the baby I so much want to have.

Please remember to get second and maybe third opinions. This is the third fertility clinic I have been to. I knew deep down inside there was something wrong. I didn't want to except them telling me its just back luck. I have to get this uterus all fixed up so I can make it a nice home for my future baby.

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Buckin said...

Please continue to update. I hate that you are going through this but hopefully this will be a step in the right direction. GL and many prayers for you!