Thursday, June 18, 2009

The love for a child

My husband has a nephew. He just turned a year old. They live with my in laws for now. My husband’s office is at my in laws. So he sees his nephew every day.
My husband said to me the other night, “Suzanne the best feeling is when Baby Jose gets excited to see me and holds his arms up so I hold him.” His sister one day told him that she was with the baby in another room and heard my husband come in and said, Jose, Zio Pat is here. The baby got so excited.
My husband has never experienced this kind of love or connection with a baby before. I have 5 nieces and 1 other nephew so I know what it is to absolutely fall in love with a baby or child. When I first met all my nieces and nephew I was instantly hooked. I just simply felt the love. I could not describe the feeling I have for them. All I can say is that the love is so strong that you would do anything for them. I am so happy that my husband is experiencing this. It’s a great feeling that can’t be described. He said, “I held Jose and he gave me a big hug and put his head on my shoulder, what a great feeling”. I told him you have the love of a child, which is the best thing in this world. Wait until he says your name. The best feeling was when my nieces and nephew called me, “Auntie”.
I can only imagine what this love is like when you have your own. I can’t wait to give my husband a son or daughter. I don’t think there is a greater gift I can give him.
I am looking forward to the day we have our own. For now, I am glad he is getting practice with how to handle a baby. He is very good with his nephew. He still hasn’t of course changed his diaper. That might be a little too much right now.

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