Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fertility yoga

I have been doing Fertility Yoga for a week now. I wanted to write about it so some of you will know about it.

I became aware of it when I went to the Reproductive Science Center there was a pamphlet in the waiting room. They had classes on Tuesday nights at 7pm with Monica Morell. I went on the website and I told my cousin about the video and website. She purchase the DVD. I kind of thought that I was already doing yoga that what was the sense in getting it. My cousin gave me the video last week because she is pregnant now and thought I would like it.

I am not new to yoga. I am a certified aerobics and spinning instructor and work out 6 days a week. I was into hot power yoga. I was getting dizzy doing it and I decided to not practice that anymore. I didn't think that was very healthy for me.

Last week I tried the video and loved it! I felt so relaxed. I decided to just try to relax more. Its been very hard for me and very stressful. I decided this month I needed to change something. I am adding this yoga to my workout routine 3 days a week. I hope this helps.

I think this is what I needed. For those who are trying to conceive it can get very stressful and its a lot of work! I think we really need to reconnect with our selves, our body, our minds, our whole beings, and in some cases most often our husbands. Also I needed to reconnect with my breath. I just needed to breathe and just calm my body down a bit. We can all get caught up in the baby making process it can take a toll on our bodies. I just think I needed to relax a bit and I just think this video is very helpful to do just that.


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Mrs.Andreazza said...

That sounds like a wonderful idea! Anything that can take your mind of things and get you to relax and focus on your breathing has got to be good! I am still TTA, but through all the research, reading, charting, message boards, I can see how stressful TTC can be.