Monday, July 30, 2012

5 more days!

I will be going for my blood work on Friday. I am trying to keep busy and not think it much.
I refuse to test before blood work this time. I cant take the roller coater ride of emotions that I went through last time.  So excited I got a BFP, then having the blood test and having them call me to tell me its too low, then it decrease it was an early miscarriage.

I took it easier alot more this time.  Tuesday was the transfer and my mom came over to help with Luca Tuesday and Wednesday.  I went back to work on Thursday, which I am mostly sitting at a desk and Friday, Saturday and Sunday I mostly just stay home and layed low with Luca.  I just enjoyed being with him. 

He is a lovable little boy. Each day I love him more and more.  He stops when he is playing, runs over to me and kisses me.  My heart melts when he says "LUV YOU MOMMA!".  
I just want to give him a little brother or sister. He will be an incredible big brother.

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