Thursday, March 12, 2009

I finally have a reason.

I couldn't be happier today. I went for a hysteroscopy. It's a procedure in which the doctor inserts a small telescope (hysteroscope) through the cervix in order to examine the inside of the uterus. I had the test done and it was painful for a while and then a couple of minutes later it was ok. The doctor took some pictures and then talked to me about the test. She said it hurt because I had to breakthrough some scarring. Once she did she was able to look around. She said I had a uterine septum. She explained to me what that was. She said I was born with it and it causes miscarriages. I started to cry. She said have you had a miscarriage? I said yes 2. She was so nice. She said well this is why. The septum does not have a normal blood supply. It is believed that if a fertilized egg implants on the outer wall of the uterus, it will do just fine. But if it implants on the septum, the placenta may not get enough blood, and this may result in miscarriage or premature labor and early delivery. I was so relieved and happy that I finally have a reason. I finally have the answers I was so desperately seeking. I knew in my gut that there had to be something wrong. That's it wasn't just "bad luck" and there had to be an explanation.
She said that I would need surgery to correct it and woman go on to have healthy babies.
My doctor is going to call me tomorrow and she will discuss it more with me.
I am so happy that I had this test. I would of just kept on having miscarriages and not of had a reason why.
Now I do. My first miscarriage was on March 15, 2008, now after a year I finally found out the reason.

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Kristin (kekis) said...

As I said on PL, I'm so glad that you finally have some answers. I hope knowing gives you some relief and peace. The plan ahead sounds promising, and I hope (after recovery of course) it brings you a bfp soon!